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A Measured Silence
Saturday: January 23rd through Sunday: February 27th

Oxford Gallery's first exhibit is 2016 is entitled "A Measured Silence." It features paintings by two upstate artists of national reputation: Thomas Kegler and Ray Easton.

An Artists' Reception is planned for Saturday, January 30 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. It is open to the public.

Tom Kegler
In its celebration of nature and, particularly, the natural beauty of New York state, Tom Kegler's work seems, at times, a paean to America's artistic past, particularly that of the Hudson River School. Yet Kegler's paintings are never just representation. Even in such well-worn images as Niagara, Kegler's manner is always personal and his moment is firmly rooted in the particulars of time and place.

Similarly, Kegler's deft brushwork is sometimes cursory, but its intention is never to merely establish an artist's 'signature' by calling attention away from the subject. It calls attention, rather, to those aspects of the scene or object which define its individuality.

If Kegler's work is celebratory, it is also solitary. We sense that each work results from a silent and intimate dialogue between the artist and the subject, a dialogue which we are merely overhearing. A man of deeply spiritual disposition, Kegler penetrates beneath the 'generic' to reveal something fundamentally unique in his subject.

Ray Easton
Rochester's own Ray Easton has become one of the more celebrated avian painters in the United States. His work has won numerous accolades and prizes; his compositions have repeatedly appeared on the Audubon Society's Wildlife Conservation stamps; he was selected as New York state's Wildlife Artist of the Year on at least four occasions.

Easton's paintings combine a superb draftsmanship with the observational powers of a practiced naturalist. But his well integrated compositions rise well above literal documentation. His works locate the animal in a charged, and often symbolic, setting or isolate it in a soft harmony of color. The animal in its habitat often evokes a deeply felt human emotion or becomes a charged metaphor for a human condition. A common element in all of his paintings, however, is his passion for the subject itself. His portrayals of birds become more portraits than pictures.

Ray Easton, Hemlock Haunt, oil on board
Ray Easton, Marsh Manefestations, oil on board

Ray Easton, Tundra Twilight, oil on board

Ray Easton, Adirondack Autumn, oil on board

Thomas Kegler, Niagara Nocturne, John 8:12,
oil on board

Thomas Kegler, Snow Bound, Proverbs 16:19,
oil on board


Thomas Kegler, An August Dawn, Proverbs 24:4,
oil on board;


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