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Exhibition: Tonal Meditations
January 17 through February 21, 2015

On Saturday, January 17, Oxford Gallery will open its first exhibition of 2015. Entitled Tonal Meditations, the exhibit will feature work by two of Oxford’s most popular artists: Sharon Gordon and Karl Heerdt.

Artists’ Reception
An Artists’ Reception to be held on Saturday, January 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The Reception is open to the public.

Sharon Gordon
In the art of Sharon Gordon, viewer participation takes center stage, and few artists are as adept in encouraging and manipulating viewer response. In the presence of one of Gordon’s paintings, each viewer will feel compelled to read something into the work – a landscape, a seascape, or a cloudscape, for example—but each will likely see something different. And this is exactly the artist’s intent:

My current work is intended to capture and transport the viewer into a segment of a larger landscape that may be seemingly ambiguous, yet familiar. The paintings provide an opportunity to wander through passages exploring one’s whereabouts, recalling moments of time and space that may have been visited before.

The result is that viewers usually feel a more intimate relationship to Sharon’s work than they might to a more conventional landscape or seascape. This is only natural: In some degree, they are seeing themselves

Karl Heerdt
In the work of Karl Heerdt, by contrast, the image is somewhat more descriptive: There is less ambiguity about what we are actually seeing. Yet the ostensible ‘subject’ of the painting – the thing or place depicted - is mainly a vehicle in communicating a specific mood. As in Gordon’s work, Heerdt’s intent is not so much to represent something as to share with the viewer a feeling or an emotional state. Although the scene may be one we have never visited, it strikes a chord in our memory. We have never seen the place, but we know the experience.

David Dorsey, Tart
Karl Heerdt, Summer’s Calm, oil on canvas
Anthony Dungan, In Control
Karl Heerdt,
A Fine View, oil on linen on panel

Amy McLaren, Twelve Lies
Karl Heerdt, Buckhorn Island,
oil on linen on panel

Thomas Insalaco, Nerdrum: An Enigma
Sharon Gordon, Luminous I,
oil and encaustic on board

Robert Heischman, Frosty Morning I
Sharon Gordon, Luminous II,
oil and encaustic on board

James Strohmeier, Tulips in a Delft Vase
Sharon Gordon, Luminous IV,
oil and encaustic on board

Location and Hours
The Oxford Gallery is located in the Roosevelt Apartment Building at the corner of Oxford Street and Park Avenue in Rochester.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5:00pm, and Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm. Admission to all events at the Oxford Gallery is free. For information, please call 585-271-5885.

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