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Saturday, May 4 through Saturday, June 15, 2019

Each spring Oxford Gallery mounts an exhibit of work based upon a given theme, and the theme for this spring's show is Metamorphosis. No, this is not a specific reference to the famous novella by Franz Kafka, in which the protagonist turns into a large bug. Nor is it a reference to the equally famous poetic stories by Roman writer Ovid, although Ovid's treatment of myths involving Pygmalion, Daphne, Arethusa, etc. contains many possibilities for artistic depictions of metamorphosis. "Metamorphosis" as intended here simply denotes an alteration or change from one state to another.

Frogs and butterflies are the subjects by which school children come to understand biological metamorphosis. But since almost everything changes state at some time or in some fashion, this theme gives an enormous range of possible treatments. Water becomes ice, day becomes night, summer becomes fall, youth becomes old age, etc. Even geometric shapes can 'morph' into other shapes and primary colors undergo additive change into secondary and tertiary colors. What is hoped, however, is that whatever the subject, the work suggests the nature and characteristics of the transitional process itself.

A Reception for the artists is planned for Saturday, May 18 from 5:30 to 8:00 PM. The Reception is open to the public.

Phyllis Bryce Ely, Becoming Ice, oil on Linen

Bridget Bossart van Otterloo, Hologram Moth, watercolor & copperleaf on paper

Doug Whitfield, Where Did All the Phone Booths Go, oil on canvas

Thomas Insalaco, Enigma, oil on canvas

Richard Jenks, Metamorphosis, oil on canvas

Helen Santelli, Beautiful Bugs, ceramic

Margery Pearl Gurnett, Becoming, mixed media on board

Participating Artists

Darryl Abraham
Chris Baker
Jappie King Black
Phil Bornarth
Kristine Bouyoucos
Mary Buchan
Todd Chalk
Alice Chen
Paula Crawford
David Dorsey
Anthony Dungan
Elizabeth Durand
Ray Easton
Carolyn Edlund
Phyllis Bryce Ely
Barbara Fox
Sari Gaby

Jacquie Germanow
Margery Pearl Gurnett
Deborah Hall
Karl Heerdt
Denise Heischman
Robert Heischman
Thomas Insalaco
Richard Jenks
Thomas Kegler
William Keyser
Alexandra Latypova
Kristin Malone
Amy McLaren
Susan Miller
Sarah Morgan
Daniel Mosner
Leonard Muscarella

Fran Noonan
Barbara Page
Bill Santelli
Helen Santelli
Ryan Schroeder
g. a. Sheller
Alan Singer
Jean K. Stephens
Roland Stevens
Debra Stewart
Kate Timm
Kenneth Townsend
Jan Hewitt Towsley
Patricia Tribastone
Bridget van Otterloo
Doug Whitfield
Wayne Williams
Sean Witucki

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