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Sean Witucki

Sean WituckiWorn Path, oil on linen on panel, 20 by 16 inches

Sean WituckiSt. Martha's Tree, oil on panel, 10 by 8 inches

The paintings of Buffalo, New York artist Sean Witucki impress us with a profound reverence in the face of nature's beauty. This spirit was imbibed, in part, from the artist's boyhood wanderings in the fields and hills on the edge of the Berkshire Mountains. But it was also imbibed, in part, from art: from the artist's study of the landscapes of the Hudson River School. Sean's captivating images are never merely a window to the outdoors. His bold brushwork, assertive markings, and often loose handling never let us forget the presence of the artist. We observe nature through the eyes of a painter, and our reaction to his work is divided between our interest in the thing represented and our interest in the style of representation. This 'dialectic' is particularly notable in the artist's small-format paintings, where panoramic vistas are condensed into a four-by-six, a five-by-seven, or a six-by-eight format. Our reaction to these small landscapes is dictated by the competition we sense between the size of the painter's vehicle and the breadth of his vision.

Sean Witucki received his B.S. and M.S in Visual Art Education from SUNY Buffalo State. He is a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, The Copley Society of Artists (Boston), and the Western New York Artist Group, and he is a Hudson River Fellow with the Grand Central Atelier. Sean has exhibited extensively throughout the northeast. Since 2002, he has instructed in painting and drawing at the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts.

Sean WituckiMorning Clouds, oil on linen on aluminum, 10 by 20 inches

Sean WituckiJava Vista, oil on linen on aluminum, 6 by 18 inches

Sean Witucki

Distant River, oil on panel, 5 by 7 inches

Sean WituckiAscending Sunlight, oil on linen on aluminum, 8 by 10 inches

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